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Got back yesterday to sunny London and your book waiting was the highlight of the day! Love it, as did my wife who has worked with pictures nearly as long as me.

Your pictures have a quiet intimacy and sense of place that put them right up there with the greats... thank you!

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Hinterland arrived safely (very well packed) two days ago, and is quite wonderful. I love the unstated commentary in many of the pictures, the humour of the unexpected, and the different kinds of light and shade. And the birds and animals who inhabit the urban environment, sometimes tacitly acknowledging our existence (the white sliced bread carefully pecked to avoid the crusts!) , and sometimes not really. These are going to give me and my family much interest and enjoyment.

As the Aussies say, I’m “rapt” to have discovered your photography.


Paul, Solivagant arrived yesterday intact. I love it. Great concept. A beguiling and poignant narrative to match photos that draw the viewer in and make them want to know more. 

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Just to let you know I received this a couple of days ago, and, as ever, am much enjoying the pictures. I love the way you see things. It’s always interesting, and each package is a treat when it comes.
Thank you again for Passerby and the enjoyment I get from it.

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More brilliant, evocative photos, such a treat to find in my mail box, perfectly packaged and absolutely fine. Thank you so much. You can be sure I’ll be enjoying them many times over, and so will the family.

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I am loving the photo books, which I pick up and look through with a cup of tea frequently. Of course the more you look, the more you see.